Medium Thor scented candle on a white background candle next to Thor
Thor Candle
from $17.00
Scent: Teakwood, Tobacco, Clove The Thor candle is a powerful tribute to the Norse god himself. Known for his immense strength, he was a beloved god of thunder and storm. He embodied everything that was fierce and heroic, and so does this candle. The top notes of lemon, bergamot, and eucalyptus capture the raw energy of a thunderstorm, while the middle notes of teakwood, lemongrass, and rose embody the courage and fortitude of Thor himself. But it's the base notes of tobacco leaves and clove that truly bring the god of thunder to life. The rich earthiness of tobacco leaves anchors the scent, while the spicy sweetness of clove provides a hint of danger. Light this candle and close your eyes, and you'll feel the power of Thor himself coursing through you.  
medium Zeus scented candle on a white background Zeus behind a candle
Zeus Candle
from $17.00
Scent: Ozone, Teakwood, Earth, Musk As you light the Zeus candle, the flickering flame illuminates the room with a warm and inviting glow. The scent transports you to the peak of Mount Olympus, where the great god himself resides. Inspired by the ruler of the gods, the fragrance embodies Zeus's powerful and legendary presence. With top notes of citrus and ozone, the scent evokes the power and strength of the king of the gods. As the middle notes of jasmine and lily waft through the air, you can imagine yourself standing in the lush gardens of Mount Olympus, where the gods themselves reside. The base notes of mahogany woods, teakwood, earth, musk, and moss add a depth and complexity worthy of the god of thunder and lightning. With each inhale, you're transported to ancient Greece, immersed in Zeus's mythology and might. As the candle burns and the scent fills every corner, you can almost feel the thunderbolts striking and the earth trembling under Zeus's rule. Let the Zeus candle bring a touch of epic and legendary history into your home.  
Medium BookWyrm Candle BookWyrm Candle With a background of scales
BookWyrm Candle
from $17.00
Scent Notes:  Leather, Patchouli, Cedar In the spirit of those who devour books with the ferocity and might of a dragon, we present "BookWyrm", a candle that burns as fiercely as the passion of an empowered reader. This playful twist on the term "bookworm", is for those who feel as mighty as an ancient wyrm when lost in the pages of a good novel. This candle is your fiery treasure that has scent notes of old books. "BookWyrm" is more than a candle; it's an ode to the power and passion of reading told in scent. Ignite it, and let the hints of old books and echoes of your victorious tales fill your sanctuary. Here's to the wyrms among us - may your flames of passion for reading never flicker out!

Teakwood Candle Collection: Embrace the Essence of Nature

Imagine embarking on a sensory journey that transports you into the heart of a lush forest. Our teakwood scented candles offer just that experience. The rich and earthy aroma of teakwood is known to evoke a sense of serenity and warmth, making it an ideal companion for your relaxation time.

A Fragrance that Resonates with the Great Outdoors

Our teakwood candles, meticulously hand-poured, invite you to experience the charm of nature within the comfort of your own space. The distinct scent of teakwood, embodies everything we love about nature, delivering an aroma that is as soothing as it is captivating.

Excellence in Every Burn

We are committed to providing only the best for our customers. Our teakwood candles are made from a coco soy wax blend, ensuring a clean, safe burn every time. This allows the comforting scent of teakwood to gently fill your room for extended periods. Enjoy the enchanting aroma of teakwood for longer.

An Experience Like No Other

The unique blend of fragrances in our teakwood candles adds depth to the scent. The gentle crackling sound of the wooden wick further enhances this experience, adding a rustic charm to your candle burning moments. The symphony of the crackling wick and the soothing scent creates an atmosphere of tranquility and peace.

Sophisticated Design, Perfect for Gifting

Housed in elegant glass jars, our teakwood candles make an impressive addition to any décor. Their sophisticated appearance also makes them a thoughtful gift for loved ones, promising to bring the rich and comforting scent of teakwood into their homes. They come in various sizes, from petite to large, making them suitable for every occasion.

Welcome the Forest Home Today

Invite the serene, rustic charm of the forest into your home today with our teakwood candle collection. Experience the warm, woodsy fragrance that promises relaxation and tranquility. Order now and immerse yourself in the sensory delight that our candles offer. Experience the magic - because you deserve nothing but the best.