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Medium Seagrave scented candle on a white background candle with a pirate ship beside it
Seagrave Pirate Candles
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Scent: Citrus, Ozone, Musk  In the tempest-tossed waters of Candlelore, there exists a tale as elusive as the morning fog - the legend of the Pirate King, Moergyn Seagrave. His name is known only in hushed whispers, spoken with a reverence that borders on fear. No eye has ever truly seen him, yet, the aftermath of his presence is undeniable; ships, once proud and majestic, return to port a mere ghost of their former selves, battered and broken, bearing the silent testimony of an encounter with the unseen terror. The crew, a broken lot, hold a haunted look in their eyes, a silent scream etched into their very souls. The fear they bear in their hearts is palpable, a chilling reminder of the mysterious man who rules the open seas. Moergyn Seagrave, a name synonymous with dread and mystery, continues to reign supreme, his existence a whispered rumor that echoes ominously across the vast expanse of Candlelore's waters. The Seagrave candle beckons with its enticing blend of oceanic fragrance, evoking memories of salt spray and the vast, open waves. Close your eyes and inhale deeply to be transported to the rocky coast, where waves crash against the jagged shoreline. A hint of citrus dances on your senses, with notes of cedar and floral following close behind. But it's the base notes of sandalwood, ozone, and musk that truly transport you to the realm of legends, stirring up mysterious tales of the feared pirate Moergyn Seagrave. This candle is more than just a scent; it's an immersive experience that will engulf you in the world of the high seas.  

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