Medium Freyja Scented Candle on a white background Large Freyja Scented Candle on a white background
Freyja Candle
from $13.00
Scent: Sunflowers, Orange blossoms, Vanilla As the season of fertility approaches, imagine yourself in Freya's world. It's a realm where warm sunflowers sway in the breeze, and powerful orange blossoms perfume the air. Golden apples and juicy berries burst with flavor, while the comforting scents of lotus, violet, woods and the alluring hint of vanilla blossom and musk add a layer of mystery and intrigue. 
Medium Itryan Library Scented Candle on a white background Large Itryan Library Scented Candle on a white background
Itryan Library Candle
from $13.00
Scent: Leather, Plum, Violets, Vanilla, Patchouli The Itryan Library, a relic from Kespyr's past, was bestowed upon the Itryan Mage Council as an operational base within the capital city. Despite its age and neglect, it remains resilient among the contemporary architectural marvels in the city, emanating an aura of majesty that traces back to its creators. As you push open its sturdy wooden doors, a symphony of scents fills the air – the fragrance of parchment and spell components permeates the room. The first whiff reveals notes of rich tanned leather, followed by hints of deep patchouli, and musk. But there's more, an alluring essence that beckons you further. The aroma of wild plums, succulent peaches, and vanilla intermingles with strategically placed violets and peony blossoms, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The library candle scent is a testament to the wisdom, secrets, history, and magic that reside within these ancient walls. 
Medium Valkyries scented candle on a white background Large Valkyries scented candle on a white background
Valkyries Candle
from $13.00
Scent: Rose, Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit, Sandalwood, Oud In the realm of Norse mythology, the Valkyries are a symbol of power and glory. As fierce warrior maidens, they gather the bravest fallen warriors and escort them to Valhalla. Our Valkyries Candle captures this legendary aura. Let the bold notes of rose, pepper, grapefruit, and patchouli awaken your warrior spirit. Sandalwood, oud, and musk help you relive all the glorious memories of battles fought, and victories earned. Then, allow the soothing properties of violets, orchids, and Ylang Ylang to heal your soul, reminding you that your feats of strength and courage will be remembered for eternity. Valhalla awaits, where honor and glory are eternal.  

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