Now offering both curated bundles as well as the option to build your own bundle.

Candlelore Candle Bundles: Ignite Your Senses

Welcome to the world of Candlelore, where we believe in the power of scent to transform your space, uplift your mood, and spark your imagination. Our candle bundles are here to immerse you in a world of fragrance that is distinctly yours.

Pick from premade collections or build one specific to you. It's all about flexibility.

Curated Bundles: The Art Of Scent, Simplified

No need to browse through countless options - we've got you covered! Our curated bundles have been carefully put together by our team of scent enthusiasts. These pre-designed bundles are all about convenience and savings.

One click, and you're on your way to a beautifully fragrant home.

Build Your Own Bundle: Unleash Your Inner Fragrance Creator

If you're someone who loves to experiment with scents, our 'Build Your Own Bundle' option is made for you.

Here's your chance to mix and match candles and wax melts to create your unique aromatic blend. And guess what? You save as you create!

How It Works:

Browse our extensive collection, and add the products you love to your cart.

Once your order hits the discount thresholds, we automatically apply the savings at checkout.

Bundle Discounts: More Scents, More Savings!

With our bundle discounts, your savings grow as your order does:

So, why wait?

Start exploring our range of scents today, and let the power of fragrance transform your space into a haven of tranquility and joy.

With Candlelore, it's always a win-win!

What others have to say



Easy to use website, fast shipping, and wow what an unboxing experience. Did I mention the candles? Simply amazing. The scents are so good. I'm hooked!

Maureen Maureen

I absolutely love these candles! And the detailed legends and lore theme is a really nice touch. Candlelore really takes things to the next level.

Hayden Hayden

As a lifelong fantasy fan I have to say, these guys really deliver. I like the pantheon based stuff but I LOVE the Candlelore aspect. Want to go visit a fantasy realm? Here it is.

Mike Mike