At Candlelore we want to make things simple, so we offer a subscription option. This allows you to put items on a monthly recurring order, save time, save money and never run out of your favourite candles or melts ever again.

With our subscriptions you get a 5% discount, and after the 5th payment, you get a 10% discount on all renewals! Better yet, the subscription discount can be combined with a bundle discount for greater savings.

How To Enable A Subsciption

Enabling a subscription is very straightforward. When you are on a products page, you'll see the option for a one-time purchase, and you'll also see the option for a subscription. Just select the "subscribe and save" option and when you checkout you'll see it listed as a monthly subscription.

No Long Term Commitments

Rest assured, you can make changes to or even cancel your subscription at any time.

What others have to say



Easy to use website, fast shipping, and wow what an unboxing experience. Did I mention the candles? Simply amazing. The scents are so good. I'm hooked!

Maureen Maureen

I absolutely love these candles! And the detailed legends and lore theme is a really nice touch. Candlelore really takes things to the next level.

Hayden Hayden

As a lifelong fantasy fan I have to say, these guys really deliver. I like the pantheon based stuff but I LOVE the Candlelore aspect. Want to go visit a fantasy realm? Here it is.

Mike Mike