Medium Freyja Scented Candle on a white background freyja with a candle beside her
Freyja Candle
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Scent: Sunflowers, Orange blossoms, Vanilla As the season of fertility approaches, imagine yourself in Freya's world. It's a realm where warm sunflowers sway in the breeze, and powerful orange blossoms perfume the air. Golden apples and juicy berries burst with flavor, while the comforting scents of lotus, violet, woods and the alluring hint of vanilla blossom and musk add a layer of mystery and intrigue. 

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Crafted from the finest quality waxes, our sunflower scented candles emit a warm, inviting light that's as soothing as it is inspiring. The radiant luminescence mirrors the golden glow of a sunflower field at dawn, making every flicker a moment to cherish.

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