Medium Druids Grove scented candle on a white background druid in a grove with a candle
Druids Grove Candle
from $17.00
Scent: Cedar, Mahogany, Peach Long has nature been the mother, long has she protected and cared for us. The sacred druids grove warmed with charming peach, strawberries, raspberries, and coconut, growing among ancient cedars, mahogany, pine and fir trees, cooled with soft eucalyptus. Enchanting in every way, the grove is the ultimate representation of Mother Nature's magnificence. The soothing sound of the river, the delicate aroma of the surroundings, and chirping of birds, all add to the magic of the grove. 
Medium White Dragon  scented candle on a white background candle next to a white dragon
White Dragon Candle
from $17.00
Scent: Eucalyptus, Oakmoss, Lavender, Vanilla Imagine being high up in the mountains, amidst the eternal snow and relentless winds where the ancient white dragon resides. The scent of snow-capped pines mingles with the chilly aroma of eucalyptus, evoking the dragon's icy domain. As you venture deeper into the dragon's abode, you'll encounter the crisp notes of rhubarb and bergamot, making way to the rich scent of oak-moss, jasmine and a touch of white lavender, as captivating as the dragon's shimmering scales in the moonlight. With each breath, succumb to the intoxicating blend of vanilla, benzoin resin, sandalwood, caramel, vetiver and amber, adding a layer of complexity that mirrors the dragon's timeless wisdom. 
Medium Green Dragon scented candle on a white background candle beside a green dragon
Green Dragon Candle
from $17.00
Scent: Mint, Eucalyptus, Woods, Musk Imagine yourself in the midst of an emerald jungle, teeming with mint and jasmine. Layered further with cornmint, spearmint, wintergreen and eucalyptus, the sweet, intoxicating scent contrasts starkly with the formidable presence of the dragon, making the journey all the more thrilling. Venture deeper, and you'll encounter the comforting warmth of lemon, and woods, coupled with the alluring whisper of vanilla, and musk. It's a sensory tapestry so vivid, you can almost see the dragon's scales glistening in the sunlight, its fearsome gaze holding untold stories. 
Medium Thor scented candle on a white background candle next to Thor
Thor Candle
from $17.00
Scent: Teakwood, Tobacco, Clove The Thor candle is a powerful tribute to the Norse god himself. Known for his immense strength, he was a beloved god of thunder and storm. He embodied everything that was fierce and heroic, and so does this candle. The top notes of lemon, bergamot, and eucalyptus capture the raw energy of a thunderstorm, while the middle notes of teakwood, lemongrass, and rose embody the courage and fortitude of Thor himself. But it's the base notes of tobacco leaves and clove that truly bring the god of thunder to life. The rich earthiness of tobacco leaves anchors the scent, while the spicy sweetness of clove provides a hint of danger. Light this candle and close your eyes, and you'll feel the power of Thor himself coursing through you.  
Medium Rogue's Whisper Candle A Rogue with a candle beside her
Rogue's Whisper Thief Class Candle
from $17.00
Scent Notes: Black Currant, Tonka Bean, Fennel In the grand tradition of the Thief/Rogue class, we present "Rogue’s Whisper", a candle that whispers tales of shadowy intrigue and daring exploits. This is no mere wax and wick, but an enchanting journey woven in scent, plucked from the pages of your favourite TTRPG's. "Rogue’s Whisper" is not a mere candle, but a thief’s tale told in scent. Light it, and let the shadows close in around you..

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