Medium White Dragon  scented candle on a white background candle next to a white dragon
White Dragon Candle
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Scent: Eucalyptus, Oakmoss, Lavender, Vanilla Imagine being high up in the mountains, amidst the eternal snow and relentless winds where the ancient white dragon resides. The scent of snow-capped pines mingles with the chilly aroma of eucalyptus, evoking the dragon's icy domain. As you venture deeper into the dragon's abode, you'll encounter the crisp notes of rhubarb and bergamot, making way to the rich scent of oak-moss, jasmine and a touch of white lavender, as captivating as the dragon's shimmering scales in the moonlight. With each breath, succumb to the intoxicating blend of vanilla, benzoin resin, sandalwood, caramel, vetiver and amber, adding a layer of complexity that mirrors the dragon's timeless wisdom. 

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