Medium Cantrip scented candle on a white background candle with books and spell components around it
Cantrip Candle
from $17.00
Scent: Leather, Oak, Smoke Cantrips are a minor form of magic that spellcasters dedicate countless hours practicing and perfecting in their early days. They serve as the foundation of magical knowledge and the stepping stones into more potent magics. Originally challenging to master, they eventually become a lesser magic that can be effortlessly cast. The Cantrip candle represents the hours of painstaking effort new magic users endure while buried amidst endless spell components, striving to get things right at the Itryan mage school. The scent of leathery spellbooks combines with the aroma of the oak study desk and smoke from the fireplace, transporting most casters back to their humble beginnings. The nostalgic journey continues with the comforting smells of lemon blending with herbal notes of thyme and clove, gradually fading into sandalwood and olibanum. This candle allows magic users to remember their cantrip roots while embracing their formidable destiny. 

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