Medium Whispers and Nightmares scented candle on a white background candle with shadows and spirits around it
Book Candle - Whispers & Nightmares
from $17.00
Scent: Guaiacwood, Tobacco, Vanilla In the realms of tales and legends, there exists a fabled artifact, a tome concealed amidst the shelves of forgotten lore. Its mundane exterior belies the incredible power that lies within its pages. Whispered among scholars and adventurers alike, it is known as the enigmatic "Book of Whispers & Nightmares". Many have ventured forth in search of this lost relic, only to be cast aside by its enigmatic nature. Throughout the annals of time, the legend has swelled, shrouded in mystery and cloaked with the passing of ages. The book, supposedly bound in in basic obsidian hues, exudes an ancient and intoxicating scent reminiscent of bygone times. A wondrous blend of guaiacwood, sumac, birch, and tobacco leaf interwoven harmoniously with spirals of smoky vanilla and roasted chestnuts. Intricately blended into this opulent fragrance is a touch of cacao and elemi, adding depth and intensity to an already captivating olfactory experience - all captured within this inspired book candle. Theories abound regarding the hidden truths and menacing perils that may be trapped within the book's secrets. Yet, the passage of time has either veiled them in obscurity or rendered them mere figments of imagination - fabrications conjured to weave a chilling tale around the flickering embers of a campfire. And so, the mystique lingers, the allure persists. The Book of Whispers & Nightmares belongs not merely to reality or fiction, but transcends the boundaries of both, indelibly etched within the tapestry of whispered dreams and untold nightmares. 
Medium Council Of Mages scented candle on a white background 2 older wizards on either side of a candle
Wizard Candle - Council Of Mages
from $17.00
Scent: Cassis, Sage, Tobacco, Smoked Birch  In the realm of Itrya, the Council of Mages reside, embodying the very essence of magic. They are an illustrious assembly comprising the most adept and seasoned practitioners of mystical arts in the entire land. United by their unwavering dedication, they strive to expand the boundaries of magical knowledge, preserving the ancient while unravelling the undiscovered. The council also oversees the training of bright and promising young wizards at their esteemed school, fostering the growth of future magical prodigies. As you step foot into their mystical abode, a welcoming aroma delicately dances in the air, an intriguing blend of bergamot, grapefruit, and cassis. With each step deeper into the council's sanctum, the boundless wisdom and arcane secrets become palpable, mingling with the unmistakable scent of tobacco, resonating notes of amber and the earthy allure of sage. But it is when you venture into the very depths of the council's hallowed halls that the true arcane unveiling occurs. An exotic fragrance of captivating myrrh fills the air, interwoven with the complexities of guaiacwood and the lingering whispers of smoked birch. Mesmerized by the infinite possibilities that lie within these ancient walls, one cannot help but ponder the unfathomable mysteries shielded by the council's timeless sanctuary of magic. This wizard candle captures that magical mystique. 

Birch Candles: Experience the Whispers of the Wilderness

Welcome to an immersive sensory journey that transports you into the heart of a tranquil forest, courtesy of our birch scented candles. The crisp and earthy aroma of birch is known to evoke a sense of freshness and serenity, making it a perfect companion for your relaxation time.

A Fragrance that Echoes Nature

Our birch candles, carefully hand-poured, invite you to experience the allure of nature from within your own sanctuary. The distinct scent of birch bark, reminiscent of a fresh wintry breeze, delivers an aroma that is as invigorating as it is comforting.

Excellence in Every Burn

We are committed to providing only the best for our customers. Our birch candles are made from coconut soy wax, ensuring a clean, safe burn every time. This allows the refreshing scent of our birch blend to gently fill your room for extended periods.

An Unparalleled Candle Experience

The unique blend of fragrances in our birch candles adds complexity to the scent, making each burning session a unique experience. The gentle crackling sound of the wooden wick further enhances this experience, adding a rustic charm to your candle burning moments.

Sophisticated Design, Perfect for Gifting

Housed in elegant glass jars, our birch candles make an impressive addition to any décor. Their sophisticated appearance also makes them a thoughtful gift for loved ones, promising to bring the crisp and comforting scent of birch into their homes.

Welcome the Forest Home Today With Our Birch Candle Collection

Invite the serene, rustic charm of the forest into your home today with our birch scented candles. Experience the cool, woody fragrance that promises relaxation and tranquility. Order now and immerse yourself in the sensory delight that our birch candles offer. Experience the magic of our birch candles - because you deserve nothing but the best.