Medium Queen Eypuira Candle on white background candle with a crown above it
Eypuira - Queen Candles
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Scent: Pear, Poppies, Vanilla, Patchouli As you step into the room, a woman of extraordinary beauty is seated upon an ornate throne. Her guards and servants bow reverently from a respectful distance, allowing her ample space, while never daring to meet her gaze. Dark, captivating eyes fixate on you, unencumbered and perhaps even amused by your direct eye contact. Her slight smile and commanding aura beckon you forward, emanating an air of confidence and control. As you draw nearer, a captivating scent ensnares your senses, refusing to release its grip. The fragrance is a complex symphony, a layered tapestry of sweet pears blending harmoniously with exotic pepper. Swirling notes of poppies, primrose, lilies, and jasmine dance, gradually giving way to a velvety blend of smooth vanilla, cashmere woods, deep patchouli, and fresh cedar. This is Queen Eypuira, and this queen candle captures her essence perfectly.

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Housed in elegantly designed glass jars, our poppy candles add a touch of floral charm to any space. Whether lit or unlit, their vibrant glow and enticing scent create a serene and comforting atmosphere.

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