Medium Queen Eypuira Candle on white background candle with a crown above it
Eypuira - Queen Candles
from $17.00
Scent: Pear, Poppies, Vanilla, Patchouli As you step into the room, a woman of extraordinary beauty is seated upon an ornate throne. Her guards and servants bow reverently from a respectful distance, allowing her ample space, while never daring to meet her gaze. Dark, captivating eyes fixate on you, unencumbered and perhaps even amused by your direct eye contact. Her slight smile and commanding aura beckon you forward, emanating an air of confidence and control. As you draw nearer, a captivating scent ensnares your senses, refusing to release its grip. The fragrance is a complex symphony, a layered tapestry of sweet pears blending harmoniously with exotic pepper. Swirling notes of poppies, primrose, lilies, and jasmine dance, gradually giving way to a velvety blend of smooth vanilla, cashmere woods, deep patchouli, and fresh cedar. This is Queen Eypuira, and this queen candle captures her essence perfectly.
Medium Avanian Ale scented candle on a white background Candle on an ale barrel
Avanian Ale - Beer Candle
from $17.00
Scent: Beer (Barley, Malt Liquor, Hops) In the country of Avanen, there is a legendary scent that lingers in every corner, in every tavern and in every home. A scent that eventually became renowned throughout all of Candlelore. It’s the scent of robust high-quality ale, brewed to perfection by the master craftsmen of Avanen. A scent so enchanting it takes you on a journey. Imagine that scent preserved in an Avanian Ale candle, The aroma will engulf you, taking you on a journey through time and history. One whiff and you'll find yourself transported to the heart of Avanen surrounded by its people, its traditions, and its legends. The scent notes of the candle are rich and full-bodied, but slightly fruity with a slight floral blend with the perfect amount of barley, malt liquor, and hops. This will bring back memories of the first time you tried a brewed malt liquor beverage; the taste, the aroma, the robustness and the aftertaste, all in one. The Avanian Ale candle’s epic scent will transport you to their world, imbuing your own space with the deliciousness of history and world-famous ale. 
TTRPG Character Personalised Candle TTRPG Character Personalised Candle with characters around it
TTRPG Character Personalised Candle
Step into the immersive world of tabletop role-playing games like never before with our personalised candles. As a dedicated player, you understand the depth of attachment to your character, and how the smallest details can enhance the gaming experience. Now imagine amplifying this immersion by adding a sensory element – a personalised candle, crafted specifically for your character. Our personalised name candles allow you to customise the label with your character's name and a unique description that encapsulates their essence. Choose from our range of popular scents, each one designed to evoke different moods and settings. A personalized candle not only brings your character to life but also serves as a tangible reminder of your epic adventures. Experience the game in a whole new light with our personalised candles. They're not just candles, they're an extension of your character's story, a beacon guiding you through the fantastical realms of TTRPG. Don't just play the game, live it!   How It Works: 1. Decide on a scent you like from our candles. 2. Add this product to cart. 3. Go to the cart page and add these 3 things in the additional notes box:    - Name for the label. Up to 20 characters (not words)    - The description content for the label. Up to 120 characters (not words)    - Your scent preference from our candle scents 4. Complete the checkout.

Candlelore's DnD Candle Collection: Immerse in Adventure

Are you a fantasy lover or perhaps even an avid player of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPG) like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder? Do you wish for a deeper, more sensory connection to the fantastical realms your characters traverse? We at Candlelore have the perfect solution for you. Our fantasy collection of gaming candles is designed to ignite your imagination and transport you straight into your favorite fantasy worlds.

Dungeons and Dragon Candles: Your Companion in Epic Quests

Experience the power of fragrance with our dungeons & dragons candles. These aren't just another accessory; they're an integral part of your gaming experience. Crafted by gamers for gamers, these candles release carefully curated scents that complement different gaming scenarios. The light crackling sound adds an auditory dimension in the quiet moments, elevating your fantasy or TTRPG sessions to new heights of immersion.

We could have opted to create generic DnD candles, or Pathfinder candles but instead of just making plain and uninspired products we went and created an entire TTPRG world of our own. The RPG candles in this collection are all based on the World Of Candlelore. It's places, it's people, and it's mysteries.

This isn't just a collection, it's an invitation - an invitation to immerse yourself in an aromatic adventure that brings your TTRPG sessions to life. Each RPG inspired candle in this enticing collection is a unique blend of playfulness and sensory delight, designed with the avid gamer in mind. Far from ordinary, these gaming candles are your tickets to a world of fantasy, elevating your tabletop role-playing games from simple pastimes to immersive adventures. The soft, warm glow from our candles sets the perfect atmospheric backdrop for your gaming escapades, adding a visual dimension that enhances your gaming experience. Every flicker is a promise of an epic quest, every scent, a new storyline waiting to unfold.

Candlelore's Gaming Candle Collection: Light Up Your Game

What makes our gaming candles stand out? It's our commitment to quality, authenticity, and the ultimate role-playing experience.


Our Dungeons and Dragons candles use high-quality coconut soy wax for a clean, even burn. The fragrances are phthalate-free, prioritizing your safety alongside an immersive gaming experience.


Each candle in our DnD collection is meticulously crafted to reflect various fantasy themes. Whether it's a woodsy grove or the intoxicating scent of magic, our candles bring your gaming scenarios to life.

Elevated Gaming Experience:

Beyond just scent, our RPG candles create an atmosphere. They're the perfect tool to enhance the mood and increase the immersion during your gaming sessions.

Can Candles and Fragrance Elevate Your TTRPG Experience?

From Flame to Fantasy:

Begin Your Sensory Adventure

Are you ready to take your gaming sessions to the next level? To feel the thrill of adventure, the tension of a battle, or the mystery of a magical realm through the power of scent? Then dive headfirst into the magical world of Candlelore today.

Explore our range of TTRPG candles and let them guide you on your epic quests whatever they may be. After all, every great adventure starts with a single spark. Are you ready to ignite yours?