Medium Spellbound scented candle on a white background candle next to a wizard
Spellbound Candle
from $13.00
Scent: Pineapple, Plum, Wine Often overlooked, enchantment magic has the potential to change the outcome of any encounter. Become one with the sweet magic of Candlelore, immerse yourself in the mesmerising blend of sweet pineapple deepened with luscious dark plum, perfectly ripened grapes, oranges, crisp apples, and opulent red wine. It's an aroma that's sweet, fruity, and playful, drawing you into its innocent charm. But beware, as the spell takes hold, you might find it's too late to escape. But then again, would you really want to?  
Medium Song & Story scented candle on a white background candle with bards playing beside it
Song & Story Candle
from $13.00
Scent: Figs, Dates, Bourbon Imagine sitting in a dimly lit tavern, the air filled with the rich, velvety voice of a bard spinning tales of dragons, battles, and epic quests. Their fingers dance across the lute strings, each note a promise of adventure yet to come. As the melody washes over you, the scent of bourbon mingles with the sweet aroma of fig and date pastries, evoking a sense of comfort and warmth. But the song isn't complete yet, as sweet notes of plum, currants, and sugar, complete the symphonic tale amidst vetiver and vanilla. The tavern audience applauds, as the bard begins another epic song & story.  
Medium Cantrip scented candle on a white background candle with books and spell components around it
Cantrip Candle
from $13.00
Scent: Leather, Oak, Smoke Cantrips are a minor form of magic that spellcasters dedicate countless hours practicing and perfecting in their early days. They serve as the foundation of magical knowledge and the stepping stones into more potent magics. Originally challenging to master, they eventually become a lesser magic that can be effortlessly cast. The Cantrip candle represents the hours of painstaking effort new magic users endure while buried amidst endless spell components, striving to get things right at the Itryan mage school. The scent of leathery spellbooks combines with the aroma of the oak study desk and smoke from the fireplace, transporting most casters back to their humble beginnings. The nostalgic journey continues with the comforting smells of lemon blending with herbal notes of thyme and clove, gradually fading into sandalwood and olibanum. This candle allows magic users to remember their cantrip roots while embracing their formidable destiny. 
Medium ambrosia candle ambrosia candle with nectar fruit and vanilla around it
Ambrosia Candle
from $13.00
Scent: Cranberry, Apple, Champagne, Vanilla The scent profile of our Ambrosia candle is truly divine. Imagine the sweet, immortalizing nectar savored by the Gods themselves - Ambrosia. While we can't offer eternal life, we bring you tantalizingly close with the aroma of sweet frosted cranberry, warmed by sparkling cassis and airy champagne. Add to this the sumptuousness of candied apple, apricot, strawberry, and blackcurrant, grounded with aged oak and vanilla bean, and you have an olfactory experience that is nothing short of legendary.
Medium Faulnorian Wine Candle on a white background wine candle with grapes and wine beside it
Faulnorian Wine Candle
from $13.00
Scent: Grape Flowers, Wine Accord, Musk Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Imagine yourself in the rolling hills of Faulnore, surrounded by row after row of luscious grape vines, all ripe and ready for harvest. The air is thick with the sweet and juicy full-bodied aroma of Faulnorian wine, a scent that has been perfected by generations of master craftsmen. Now imagine bringing that scent to your own home with the Faulnorian Wine candle, brewed to perfection using the country's time-honored techniques. As you light the wick, the aroma begins to swirl around you, filling every corner of the room with juicy notes and sparkling wine accord. You can practically smell the grapes flowers opening up in the mid-notes, and the rich, earthy base of vineyard accord, patchouli, and musk transports you to a world of epic, legendary winemaking. This is not just a candle, but a window into a world of delicious aromas and world-famous craftsmanship that you can experience every time you light it. 
Medium Euphoria's Garden scented candle on a white background tomatoes beside a candle
Euphoria's Garden Candle
from $13.00
Scent: Fresh Tomatoes (Basil Leaf, Lemon Zest, Star Jasmine) Transport yourself to Euphoria's farm just outside the bustling capital city of Kespyr with the scent of Euphoria's Garden candle. Inspired by the woman who tends to her sprawling land with unparalleled grace, this candle captures the essence of her lush vine ripened tomatoes from her crops. Each note adds to the immersive experience: the juicy ripeness of the tomatoes intertwined with the refreshing zing of lemon zest and the herbal aroma of fresh basil leaf create a sensory symphony that will leave you breathless. The final touch of star jasmine will whisk you away to a tranquil realm, allowing you to bask in the peaceful aura of Euphoria's beautiful territory. If you're looking for a fresh green tomato candle, then Euphoria's Garden is for you. It's a tribute to a timeless legacy that will leave you longing to be a part of her world. 
Medium Fresh Baked Bread candle on a white background tavern table with candle and bread on it
Fresh Baked Bread Candle
from $13.00
Scent: Fresh Bread In Galadyn’s capital, Kespyr, there is a bakery that produces bread that is more than just a simple food item. It is an experience, a memory, a nostalgia that fills the senses. With each freshly mixed batch, the humble smell of bread dough begins to weave its way out of Bliss Bakery, its scent weaving an enchanting spell that captures one's heart. For those who have ever encountered the aroma of freshly baked bread, you can reminisce about that feeling of warmth, of contentment, of home. Luckily, now with the Fresh Baked Bread candle, you can capture the essence of that cherished experience and bring it into your home, filling the air with a warm golden glow and a heavenly sweet aroma. Welcome to the delicious and immersive world of Bliss Bakery, where a single whiff of a Fresh Baked Bread candle transports you to a place where legends are born, and epic meals are shared. 
Medium Balder scented candle on a white background Balder with a candle to his left
Balder Candle
from $13.00
Scent: Fruit, Rose, Musk Lighting the Balder candle is like invoking the presence of the powerful Norse god himself. Balder, depicted as the god of light and beauty, radiates an aura of divinity that could be felt everywhere. Imagine the sweet, juicy scent of grapes, ripe peaches and an equally divine aroma of plums, with fresh citrusy notes that sparkle like the sun. Everything about this candle, from its warm fragrance to its flickering flame, connects you to the otherworldly energy of Balder. Add in the subtle yet intoxicating scent of roses and a hint of musk and you accentuate the essence of Balder in it’s entirety. With every inhale, you can almost see Balder's proud, regal figure and sense the deep mythology he embodies, from being able to withstand anything thrown his way to his ultimate fate against the forces of darkness. Light up the Balder candle and immerse yourself in an epic moment of history intertwined with the mythical identity of a god.  
Medium Loki scented candle on a white background a candle beside Loki
Loki Candle
from $13.00
Scent: Citrus, Floral, Musk Behold, the Loki candle, an object as elusive and intriguing as the god of mischief himself. It emanates a seductive aroma, with alluring floral notes weaving a mystical web around your senses, while the tangy citrus hits you with a playful punch. As you inhale its essence, you are transported to a realm of otherworldly legends steeped in Nordic lore. This candle embodies the mischievous god, evoking his capricious spirit and slippery ways. You'll feel compelled to join him in his wily escapades, eager to experience the thrill of his clever antics. A tantalizing base of warm musk and amber adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the mix, making it impossible to resist the temptation of this legendary aroma. The Loki candle is not just a candle, it's a gateway to another realm, where the gods and mortals coexist in a whirlwind of mystique and magic.  
Medium Athena scented candle on a white background Athena with a candle to her left
Athena Candle
from $13.00
Scent: Jasmine, Licorice, Cedarwood In the dim light cast by the flickering flames of the Athena candle, the fragrance of ancient wisdom fills the room. Inspired by the namesake goddess, the candle captures the divine essence of Athena and her mythological kingdom. The top notes of pear, lemon, pink pepper, and hint of berries offer a fresh and invigorating scent, invoking images of the Olympian goddess of war and wisdom. The middle notes of jasmine, almond, licorice, and touch of sugar provide a soft yet bold aroma, reminiscent of Athena's intellect and courage. As the candle burns, the base notes of vanilla, cedarwood, and cashmere arrive, blanketing the atmosphere in a warm embrace. This ancestral masterpiece combines the essence of Athena's powerful aura and her enigmatic personality in an immersive experience. Illuminate your senses with the Athena candle and be transported to the times of old, where legends and myths reigned supreme.
Valkyries Wax Melts wax melts next to a valkyrie
Valkyries Melts
Scent: Rose, Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit, Sandalwood, Oud In the realm of Norse mythology, the Valkyries are a symbol of power and glory. As fierce warrior maidens, they gather the bravest fallen warriors and escort them to Valhalla. Our Valkyries Candle captures this legendary aura. Let the bold notes of rose, pepper, grapefruit, and patchouli awaken your warrior spirit. Sandalwood, oud, and musk help you relive all the glorious memories of battles fought, and victories earned. Then, allow the soothing properties of violets, orchids, and Ylang Ylang to heal your soul, reminding you that your feats of strength and courage will be remembered for eternity.  Valhalla awaits, where honor and glory are eternal.  
Druids Grove melts melts in a druids grove
Druids Grove Melts
Scent: Cedar, Mahogany, Peach Long has nature been the mother, long has she protected and cared for us. The sacred druids grove warmed with charming peach, strawberries, raspberries, and coconut, growing among ancient cedars, mahogany, pine and fir trees, then cooled with soft eucalyptus.Enchanting in every way, the grove is the ultimate representation of Mother Nature's magnificence. The soothing sound of the river, the delicate aroma of the surroundings, and chirping of birds, all add to the magic of the grove.  
Council of mages wax melts melts with mages on either side
Council Of Mages Melts
Scent: Cassis, Sage, Tobacco, Smoked Birch In the mystical realm of Itrya, the fabled Council of Mages resides, bringing forth the very essence of magic. Within their illustrious assembly, the most skilled and experienced practitioners of mystical arts gather, united by unwavering dedication. Their pursuit? Expanding the boundaries of magical knowledge, preserving the ancient, and unraveling the undiscovered. The council also conducts the training of bright, promising young wizards at their esteemed school, nurturing the growth of future magical prodigies.As you enter their enchanting sanctum, a delightful aroma dances gracefully in the air—a captivating blend of bergamot, grapefruit, and cassis. Each step deeper into the council's hallowed halls reveals boundless wisdom and arcane secrets, intermingling with the distinct scent of tobacco, resonating notes of amber, and the earthy allure of sage.But it is in the very depths of these hallowed halls that the true arcane revelations occur. An exotic fragrance of alluring myrrh permeates the air, intricately woven together with guaiacwood's complexities and the lingering whispers of smoked birch. Enthralled by the infinite possibilities within these ancient walls, one cannot help but ponder the unfathomable mysteries protected by the council's timeless haven of magic. These wizard inspired melts capture the essence of this remarkable journey.  
Itryan Library Wax Cubes wax melts in a library
Itryan Library Melts
Scent: Leather, Plum, Violets, Vanilla, Patchouli The Itryan Library, a relic from Kespyr's past, stands proudly within the capital city as the operational base bestowed upon the Itryan Mage Council. Despite its age and neglect, it perseveres amidst the contemporary architectural marvels nearby, emitting an aura of majestic splendor rooted in its creators.Upon opening the sturdy wooden doors, a symphony of fragrances dances through the air - a delightful blend of parchment and spell components. The initial whiff reveals notes of exquisite tanned leather, entwined with hints of deep patchouli and musk. But wait, there's more! An irresistible essence entices you to explore further. The enticing aroma of succulent peaches, wild plums, and vanilla intertwines with strategically placed violets and peony blossoms, creating an enchanting and welcoming ambiance. These captivating scents within the library serve as a testament to the wisdom, secrets, history, and magic that reside within these ancient walls.  
Medium Queen Eypuira Candle on white background candle with a crown above it
Eypuira - Queen Candles
from $13.00
Scent: Pear, Poppies, Vanilla, Patchouli As you step into the room, a woman of extraordinary beauty is seated upon an ornate throne. Her guards and servants bow reverently from a respectful distance, allowing her ample space, while never daring to meet her gaze. Dark, captivating eyes fixate on you, unencumbered and perhaps even amused by your direct eye contact. Her slight smile and commanding aura beckon you forward, emanating an air of confidence and control. As you draw nearer, a captivating scent ensnares your senses, refusing to release its grip. The fragrance is a complex symphony, a layered tapestry of sweet pears blending harmoniously with exotic pepper. Swirling notes of poppies, primrose, lilies, and jasmine dance, gradually giving way to a velvety blend of smooth vanilla, cashmere woods, deep patchouli, and fresh cedar. This is Queen Eypuira, and this queen candle captures her essence perfectly.

Coconut Soy Candles & Melts: Illuminate Your World

In the quest for a perfect candle, you're seeking more than just a source of light. Your ideal candle is an extension of your lifestyle, reflecting your commitment to health, sustainability, and luxury. This is where Candlelore's coconut soy candles and melts come in – meticulously crafted to offer high-performance and align seamlessly with your values.

Coconut Wax Candles Blended With Soy: The Future Is Here

The evolution of candle wax has been a journey of innovation and improved understanding of health and environmental impacts. Traditional paraffin wax products, once a household staple, have given way to healthier, eco-friendlier alternatives. Soy wax candles and melts emerged as an attractive option, owing to their cleaner burn and longer-lasting fragrance. But, the quest for the ultimate candle didn't end there. The latest entrant, coconut wax candles, have taken the candle market by storm, offering its own unique qualities that make it a great wax of choice for discerning users.


If you haven't found the right coconut wax candle melts or soy wax candle melts it's because you need a blend of the two types of wax. Our coconut soy candles and their melts counterpart are the answer you've been looking for. By combining the two waxes you inherit all of the benefits of both wax types and none of the drawbacks. In all cases coconut wax candles mixed with soy are the perfect union. Try our coconut soy candles, you won't be disappointed.

Candlelore’s Coconut Soy Wax Melt Candles: A Symphony of Quality and Performance

Our candles and melts are expertly formulated from a blend of coconut and soy wax, striking the perfect balance between performance and sustainability. Here's why they stand head and shoulders above the rest:

Unmatched Performance: The coconut-soy wax blend in our candles and melts guarantees a slow, even burn. You can bask in their soothing glow for hours on end, making every moment special.

Health-Conscious Choice: Unlike traditional paraffin wax candles & melts, our coconut soy candle melts are free from toxins and carcinogens. Choosing Candlelore means prioritizing your health without compromising on ambiance.

Sustainability at Heart: Coconut wax is a sustainable and renewable resource. By choosing our candles, you're casting a vote for environmental conservation.

Aromatic Excellence: Our coconut wax candles and melts are celebrated for their superior scent throw. They fill your space with enchanting fragrances that linger, creating a memorable sensory experience.

Luxury Redefined: The creamy texture and elegant look of coconut wax blend candles add a touch of luxury to any setting. They're more than just candles; they're a lifestyle statement.

Additional Benefits of Choosing Candlelore

Variety of Fragrances: We offer a wide range of fragrances to suit different preferences. Whether you prefer floral, fruity, spicy, or exotic scents, we've got you covered.

Artisanal Quality: Each Candlelore product is hand-poured with care, ensuring you receive a unique wax product that adds warmth and character to your space.

Gift Options: Looking for a thoughtful gift? Our coconut soy candles and melts make perfect presents for any occasion, allowing your loved ones to enjoy the Candlelore experience.

Embrace the Radiant Warmth and Luxury of Candlelore

Are you ready to elevate your living space with radiant warmth and captivating fragrances? Do you yearn for a clean-burning, long-lasting, and beautifully aromatic candle that aligns with your values?

Immerse yourself in the luxurious world of Candlelore's coconut soy wax candles and melts. Our products not only illuminate your surroundings but also fill them with captivating aromas, creating a serene, inviting ambiance.

Remember, with Candlelore, you're not just purchasing candles and melts; you're embracing a lifestyle of elegance, wellness, and sustainability. So why wait?

Whether you want something based in the lore of your favourite pantheon, something more high fantasy, or simply a beautiful wax product to bring your home to life, our scented wax products will take you on the most epic of adventures.

To learn more about soy and coconut wax options and why we opt for a blend of the two, keep reading below...

Benefits Of Scented Coconut Wax Candles And Melts

Coconut wax has made quite an impact in the world of candles and wax melts over the past few years. Many people are turning to this sustainable and eco-friendly option for their candle-fix, and with good reason. Not only is coconut wax biodegradable, clean-burning, and non-toxic, but it also provides a superior scent throw and burn time compared to other types of wax.

1. First and foremost, coconut wax is derived from the meat of coconuts, which is considered a renewable resource. It is also a natural and sustainable substitute for traditional paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum. So, not only are you getting a better product, but you're also reducing your carbon footprint by using coconut wax.

2. In the world of candles and wax melts, scent throw is everything. Coconut wax candles and melts have the ability to hold a higher concentration of fragrance oil, which provides a more potent scent experience. This is because coconut wax has a lower melting point compared to other waxes, which means the fragrance oil is able to blend better with the wax and release a stronger scent when melted.

3. Another benefit of a coconut wax candle or candle melt is its ability to burn cleanly. Unlike paraffin wax candles and melts, which can release harmful chemicals into the air when burned, coconut wax emits minimal to no soot or toxins. This means not only are you getting a more enjoyable scent experience, but also a healthier one.

4. Lastly, coconut wax can often offer a longer burn time. This is again due to its lower melting point, which allows the wax to burn slower and last longer. This is a big advantage for candle lovers, as it means you can enjoy your favorite fragrances for longer periods of time without having to replace your candles as frequently.

In conclusion, coconut wax is a superior option for anyone looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly, and clean-burning alternative to traditional waxes. Its ability to provide a more potent scent throw, burn cleanly, and last longer is just some of the reasons why it has become a popular choice in the world of candles and wax melt candles.

Benefits Of Scented Soy Candles And Melts

Soy wax is a type of natural wax that is derived from soybeans, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paraffin waxes. Soy wax candles and melts have been gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason! There are numerous benefits to using soy wax in candle and wax melt production.

1. First and foremost, scented soy candles and melts are clean-burning, meaning they produce far less toxins than traditional paraffin candles and melts. In the case of candles, this not only reduces the amount of harmful toxins and pollutants released into the air, but it also means less smoke and soot residue building up on your candle jars and walls.

2. In addition, scented soy wax candles and wax melts are also long-lasting. They have a lower melting point than paraffin, which means they burn slower and give off a more even, consistent melt. This means you'll be able to enjoy the delicate scents of your soy candle or soy tarts for longer than a traditional candle or wax tart.

3. Another major benefit of soy wax candles and soy candle melts is that they're completely natural and renewable. Soybeans are a sustainable crop, and their wax is created through a simple process that doesn't involve any harmful chemicals or additives. This means you can feel good about burning a candle or soy wax tarts, that are both safe for you and the environment.

4. Finally, soy wax candles and soy wax tarts have a low melting point which means the wax can melt at a much lower temperature and this as a result makes them last longer than other types of wax.

In conclusion, it's no wonder why scented soy candles and soy cubes have become so popular in recent years. With their natural and renewable ingredients, clean-burning properties, long-lasting burn time, and delightful fragrances, they offer an environmentally-conscious and luxurious alternative to traditional paraffin candles and wax melts. So why not make the switch to soy wax today and give yourself the gift of an indulgent, eco-friendly candle experience?

As you can see both coconut and soy have numerous advantages. By blending them together you get the ultimate scent experience.

And Melts

Scented Wax Candles:

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