Paladin's Justice Melts Paladin's Justice Melts next to a paladin
Paladin's Justice Melts
Scent: Tonka Bean, Balsam, OudÔĽŅ Paying tribute to the Paladin archetype, we introduce "Paladin's Justice", wax melts that have an aroma of purity like a genuine hero's spirit. Far from being just wax, these melts unfold a story through aroma, echoing the steadfast bravery and hallowed justice of TTRPG's most venerable warriors."Paladin's Virtue" goes beyond the ordinary wax melt; it's a sacred narrative expressed in fragrance. Melt it, and allow the resonance of heroic acts to spread through your home.
Rogue's Whisper Melts Rogue's Whisper Melts beside a thief
Rogue's Whisper Melts
Scent: Black Currant, Tonka Bean, Fennel In the storied tradition of the Rogue/Thief class, we unveil "Rogue's Whisper", wax melts that subtly convey tales of secret schemes and audacious feats. This creation goes beyond mere wax ‚Äď it's an aromatic adventure crafted from the essence of your most cherished TTRPGs."Whispers of the Rogue" is not merely a wax melt; it's a narrative of stealth and cunning, told through fragrance. Heat them, and allow the essence of the night to wrap around you.
Cantrip Wax melts melts with books and spell components around it
Cantrip Melts
Scent: Leather, Oak, Smoke Cantrips: the beginner's dip into the world of magic. Spellcasters dedicate countless hours practicing and perfecting these minor forms of magic in their early days--the humble stepping stones to more potent spells. Originally challenging, they eventually become effortlessly castable lesser magics.Enter the Cantrip candle: a testament to the arduous efforts of new magic users, buried amidst endless spell components, striving for perfection at the Itryan mage school. The aroma of leathery spellbooks mingles with oak study desks and fireplace smoke, transporting casters back to their humble beginnings. A nostalgic journey of comforting scents unfolds: notes of lemon blend with thyme and clove, gradually fading into sandalwood and olibanum.This candle bridges the gap, helping magic users remember where they came from as they embrace their formidable destiny.  
Friends Call Me Princess Wax Melts melts with a crown above it
Friends Call Me Princess Melts
Scent: Florals, Fruit, Vanilla, Musk "The name's Sylphina, but my comrades refer to me as Princess," the young woman nonchalantly remarks. Intrigued by sheer curiosity, one of the group members furrows their brow and asks, "Alright, but why Princess?" A mischievous grin dances on her lips as she lets out a playful chuckle. "Well, you see, this rather hefty fellow right here is my dear friend Rothwel. When we first crossed paths, he perceived me as a helpless, inept girl and attempted to brush me off while simultaneously trying to wound my pride by calling me Princess. However, rather than taking offense, I erupted into laughter, completely catching him off guard. Eventually, he started laughing as well. That was the moment we forged a incredible friendship... and I became Princess.The lingering scent of the "They Call Me Princess" melts tantalizes the air, reminiscent of Sylphina's captivating perfume. Its alluring fragrance combines delicate hints of orchids and roses, effortlessly blending with the sweetness of raspberries, sugar, and strawberries. All of this is anchored by the comforting embrace of musk and vanilla, resulting in an unmistakably unforgettable scent."  
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Seagrave Wax melts wax melts with a pirate ship beside them
Seagrave Melts
Scent: Citrus, Ozone, Musk In the treacherous depths of Candlelore's turbulent waters, a saga as elusive as the mists at dawn can be found - the epic tale of Moergyn Seagrave, the indomitable Pirate King. Whispers of his name stir profound reverence intermingled with sheer terror. None have truly beheld his visage, yet the aftermath of his presence is incontrovertible; once majestic vessels return to port mere phantoms of their former glory, weathered and shattered, bearing the silent testament of an encounter with the enigma that is Moergyn Seagrave. The crew, scarred and bewildered, wear the harrowing mark of his power, an unspoken torment etched upon their very souls. The dread they harbor within is tangible, an icy reminder of the enigmatic figure who commands the boundless seas. Moergyn Seagrave, a dread-inspiring enigma, continues to exude his dominion, his existence a whispered rumor that reverberates ominously across Candlelore's vast expanse of waters.The Seagrave melts beckon with their tantalizing blend of maritime aromas, evoking vivid memories of briny mists and the sprawling open waves. Close your eyes and breathe deeply to find yourself transported to the jagged coastline, where the relentless tides clash against the unyielding rocks. A zesty hint of citrus darts upon your senses, soon followed by the essence of cedar and floral undertones. However, it is the resolute foundation of sandalwood, ozone, and musk that truly immerses you in a realm of legendary tales, kindling the enigmatic lore of the fearsome pirate Moergyn Seagrave. These melts venture beyond being a mere fragrance; they deliver an unparalleled voyage into a seafaring universe that envelops your senses entirely.  
Faulnorian Wine melts melts with grapes and wine beside them
Faulnorian Wine Melts
Scent: Grape Flowers, Vineyard Accord, Musk Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Transport yourself to the majestic rolling hills of Faulnore, where endless rows of succulent grapevines await the bountiful harvest. Inhale the enchanting fragrance of Faulnorian wine, meticulously crafted by generations of skilled artisans. Now, bring this extraordinary scent into your own abode with Faulnorian Wine wax melts, meticulously concocted using the revered techniques of this legendary land. As you ignite the wax warmer, swirling aromas permeate every nook and cranny, delivering exquisite notes of juicy delight and effervescent wine harmony. The delicate mid-notes reveal the blossoming of grape flowers, while the profound, earthy foundation of vineyard essence, patchouli, and musk teleports you to a realm brimming with epic, mythical winemaking. This is not merely a wax melt; it is a portal to a realm where heavenly aromas and world-renowned craftsmanship blend into an unrivaled sensory experience, available to you with each use.  
Heroes Embers Wax Melts melts beside a fire and a hero
Heroes Embers Melts
As the sun dips below the horizon, exhaustion from a day filled with wondrous journeys burdens the shoulders of our valiant heroes. Their solace lies in the mesmerizing flicker of flames from the campfire, cradling their weary bones as they recount the day's glorious exploits. The campfire's warmth and aromatic allure rekindle their spirits, reigniting their unwavering dedication to their noble cause. The Heroes Embers wax melts draw inspiration from this very moment, transforming it into an otherworldly olfactory experience. When ignited, the air becomes a tapestry of smoky campfire essence, carefully woven with hidden nuances. First, a balsamic aroma infused with the enigmatic spice of clove and the invigorating coolness of menthol. Yet, it is the middle notes that embody the true soul of the campfire‚ÄĒa captivating blend of smoky tobacco and the seductive allure of smoked ham, embracing you like a comforting cloak. Finally, the base notes capture the essence of the untamed woods, with the familiar whispers of cedarwood and the regal amber of the earth. The Heroes Embers melts offer a gateway into their epic tale, beckoning you to rest by the fire and embark on your own legendary odyssey ¬† Scents: Smoke, Menthol, Tobacco
Loki Melts melts beside the god Loki
Loki Melts
Scent: Citrus, Floral, Musk Experience the mystical allure of Loki wax melts, an object as enchanting as the god of mischief himself. Let its tantalizing fragrance captivate your senses with an irresistible blend of alluring floral notes and tangy citrus. As you inhale, be transported to a realm steeped in Nordic legends, where the mischievous spirit of Loki awaits. Join him in his clever escapades and embrace the thrill of his wily antics. A seductive base of warm musk and amber adds an undefinable charm, beckoning you into this realm of mystique and magic. Our Loki melts transcend the mundane, offering a gateway to a world where gods and mortals coexist in an epic whirlwind of excitement.  
Spellbound Melts wax melts next to a magic user
Spellbound Melts
Scent: Pineapple, Plum, Wine Often overlooked, enchantment magic has the potential to change the outcome of any encounter. Become one with the magic of Candlelore, immerse yourself in mesmerising pineapple layered with dark grapes, sweet orange, crisp apples, then deepened with luscious dark plum and opulent red wine. It's sweet, fruity, and playful, drawing you into it's innocent nature. But as the spell consumes you, the realisation that it's too late to escape comes to mind...but at this point, you just don't care.  
Song and Story Wax Melts bard playing next to wax melts
Song & Story Melts
Scent: Figs, Dates, Bourbon The young bard's fingers danced across the strings of their lute, weaving a haunting melody that echoed through the dimly lit tavern. Their voice followed suit, rich and velvety as they sang of far-off lands and mystical creatures. The patrons listened enraptured, their beverages forgotten on the table. As they sang of dragons and epic battles, the scent of bourbon mingled with the sweet aroma of fig and date pastries, served up by the innkeep's deft hands. But the song isn't complete just yet, as sweet notes of plum, currants, and sugar, complete the symphonic tale amidst vetiver and vanilla. The bard couldn't help but feel a thrill deep within their chest as they spun these tales of adventure and lore, each note and word sending a shiver down their spine. For as long as they could remember, the call of the unknown had beckoned them, and now, with each note plucked, they felt closer to the journey they so craved.  
Bookwyrm Melts Bookwyrm Melts with scales behind them
BookWyrm Melts
Scent: Leather, Patchouli, Cedar For the voracious readers who consume stories with the intensity and power of a dragon, we introduce "BookWyrm," a wax melt that radiates with the fervor of an avid bibliophile. This creative nod to the classic "bookworm" celebrates those who feel as formidable as a legendary wyrm while engrossed in a captivating book. This wax melt is your aromatic trove, emanating the scent of ancient tomes.
hero of my own story melts hero of my own story melts next to a woman dressed up as a superhero
Hero Of My Own Story Melts
Scent: Citrus, Plum, Vanilla Celebrating the spirit of empowerment and heroism, we unveil "Hero Of My Own Story," a wax melt that radiates as warmly as the courageous heart of someone forging their own path. This isn't just a fragrance; it's a scent-driven narrative, inspired by our universal quest to be the heroes of our own stories, much like the characters we admire in novels. "Hero Of My Own Story" offers more than aromatic pleasure; it's a symbol of personal heroism. Use it to fill your space with the inspiring aroma of your own epic tale.
protagonist melts protagonist melts on a brilliant heroic background
Protagonist Melts
Scent: Fruit, Violet, Musk, Vanilla Celebrating the champions of storytelling, we unveil "Protagonist," a wax melt that glows with the vibrant essence of a narrative's central figure. This isn't merely a source of fragrance; it's an odyssey conveyed through aroma, inspired by the steadfast bravery and captivating quests of literature's leading characters. "Protagonist" transcends ordinary wax melts; it's a homage to the archetypal hero's path, encapsulated in scent. Melt it and immerse your space in heroic deeds.
antagonist melts antagonist melts with smoke and black roses
Antagonist Melts
Scent: Star Anise, Black Licorice, Amyris Channeling the mesmerizing essence of literature's most compelling villains, we introduce "Antagonist," a wax melt that radiates with the deep intensity of a memorable antagonist's allure. This isn't merely a melt; it's a story told through fragrance, reflecting the captivating complexity and enchanting charisma of every story's greatest rival. "Antagonist" transcends ordinary wax melts; it's an ode to the seductive pull of darkness, captured in aroma. Melt it and allow the resonances of epic confrontations to envelop your space.
Critical Roll Melts Critical Roll Melts With a d20 behind it
Critical Roll Melts
Scent: Citrus, Mint, Agave Unveiling "Critical Roll," a wax melt that encapsulates the thrilling elation and victory of achieving a natural 20 in tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs). This fragrance transcends mere scent; it's an homage to those pulse-racing instances that shape legendary quests and valiant deeds. It represents the rush of triumph in the face of adversity, the bond among players, and the memorable stories created amidst combat's fervor.

Soy Wax Melts: The Flameless Alternative to Candles

If you're looking for a flameless alternative to our candles then our soy wax melts are the answer. Unlike the standard soy melts on the market, we decided to add in some coconut wax. In all cases coconut and soy are the perfect union creating the best wax melts you can find.

A soy wax melt is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to have scent throughout their home, but don't want an open flame. In our opinion, the best soy wax melts are the ones that can help take your thoughts to other magical places, which is why we offer all the same scent options as our candles. 

Whether you want something based in the lore of your favourite pantheon, or something more high fantasy, our artisan wax melts will take you on the most epic of adventures.

Unveiling the Allure of Fragranced Soy Wax Melts

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our fragranced soy melts. A world where you have the power to transform your environment at a moment's notice. Whether you want to evoke the tranquil ambience of a spa, recreate the vibrancy of a summer festival, or simply retreat into a cozy, comforting haven, our fragranced wax melts are your passport to an instant atmosphere change.

Artisan Wax Melts - Crafted with Precision and Passion

Every single one of our soy wax melts is a testament to artisan craftsmanship. These aren't mass-produced, off-the-assembly-line products. Each melt is hand-poured, ensuring that every piece receives the attention it deserves. The result? A consistent, high-quality soy wax melt that delivers a superior scent experience. But these aren't just aroma sources. They're conversation starters, mood setters, and tiny treasures that add a touch of character to your home or office.

Indulge in Scented Wax Melts with High-Quality Fragrances

Our scented wax tarts are far from ordinary. They're crafted with a unique blend of coconut soy wax and high-quality, phthalate-free fragrances. This isn't a random choice. This combination guarantees a long-lasting, room-filling fragrance that's noticeable without being overpowering. Imagine walking into a room and being greeted by the tantalizing aroma of fresh-baked bread, or the soothing aroma of the woods. It's not just about smelling good. It's about creating experiences, triggering memories, and enhancing your daily life.

Fragranced Wax Melts vs Candles

If you love the ambiance of candles but dislike dealing with an open flame, our fragranced soy melts provide the perfect flameless solution. They offer all the benefits of traditional candles without the associated risks. Simply place a cube in a wax warmer and let the gentle heat do its job. As the wax liquifies, it releases an intoxicating aroma that fills your space, creating an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation.

What Sets Our Scented Soy Wax Melts Apart?

In a market flooded with options, why choose our scented wax melts? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Hand-poured: Every melt is individually crafted with care and precision.
  • Superior quality: We use only the highest-quality ingredients for a superior scent experience.
  • Eco-friendly: Our coconut soy wax blend is environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • Safe: With no flames to worry about, our wax melts are a safer alternative to traditional candles.

Transform Your Space with Our Hand Poured Wax Melts

Our hand poured wax melts are all about transforming spaces. They're about setting moods. Whether you're looking to create a relaxing spa-like ambiance in your bathroom, a vibrant and energetic vibe in your living room, or a warm and cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, there's scented wax melts for every space and every mood in our collection.

The Perfect Gifting Solution

Gifts should be thoughtful, unique, and personal. Our soy wax tarts check all these boxes. Whether it's for a birthday, housewarming, holiday, or just a special token of appreciation, our wax melts make for an impressive gift. They're practical, long-lasting, and universally appreciated. Plus, they're a great way to introduce someone to the delightful world of home fragrances.

Are You Ready to Experience the Difference?

It's time for a fragrance upgrade. Try our artisan wax melts today and discover a whole new world of mesmerizing aromas. With our wide selection of scents, there's something for everyone. So why wait? Start exploring our collection today and let your senses guide you on a fragrance journey like no other.

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