Rule Of The Aurora King Review

Rule Of The Aurora King by Nisha J. Tuli

Series: Artefacts Of Ouranos (Book 2)

Released on March 28, 2023

Pages: 512


My review of the first book Trial Of The Sun Queen can be found here.


Have you ever dragged your hands down your face in a frustrated show of grief? That was me last night upon finishing Rule of the Aurora King when I realized I have to wait until June 4th for the third book (but possibly not the last of the series). Nisha J. Tuli has created a world of beauty and destruction, good and evil and enemies to friends. I flew through this book like I did in book one. It was exciting, sexy, fun and fast paced from beginning to oh-too-soon end.

Written from three separate POVs, there's never a dull moment and OMG chapter 28 was sizzling! I was constantly refreshed by the changes in POV between that of Lor, of Nadir and then of the past because I never had to wonder what the actions of one m/c did to the behaviour of the other.

In book 2 Lor is in search of a life changing artefact that is her birth right but it has been hidden by a magic she can't unlock. She has to team up with her enemy, (although he's more of a distraction than she anticipated) and fears he'll be her biggest heartbreak. Like Jennifer Armentrout’s series where enemies are forced to work together for the greater good, Nisha J. Tuli makes it impossible to dislike the enemy.

I love the characters and the colours in this book. Each court having such distinct elements that you can almost visualize it.

Like the previous book, this one has the 5 f's that I look for; fun, feisty, flirty, fantasy/romance and fraught with danger!