Storm And Fury Review

Storm And Fury by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Series: The Harbingers (Book 1)

Released on June 11, 2019

Pages: 512


Let me start by saying that I loved this author before I even picked up this book because like many of my readers, I had read her two most recent series of books prior to deep diving into the rest of them.

With the knowledge that Jennifer has sometimes published two separate series that are actually related to each other, I probably should have looked into the Harbinger Series before I started it because, like the Fire in the Flesh/From Blood and Ash series’, there is a previous series to the Harbinger books that are related. Guess who will be reading in backwards order again?

I'll start this review by saying that like everything else I have read of Jennifer's, I loved this book. Written from the Pov of the M/C Trinity Marrow, there was so much humor and sarcasm that I felt at home reading this book.

Trinity had so few people in her life that she could trust, some of which are no longer among the living, that allowing herself to team up with a stranger was a test of her strength.

This book doesn't disappoint with page turning, stay up late, read by candle light delight. The characters are strong, the background is set without being in your face at the beginning like a docu-series and the sarcasm and wit is laugh out loud sometimes.

Trinity has been raised, and even conceived to be a weapon in some future calling that no one knows the date for. She has been trained to be a part human/part angel weapon against evil dead set on destroying humans and their guardians. I will say it took too long into the story before it was clear what she is or what type of power she wields, who her father is or what her mission actually was but it didn't take away from the page turning addiction that Jennifer never fails to deliver. Trinity finds she has to trust what she's been raised to destroy and find friends where enemies were believed to exist.

I was very glad I had pre-purchased book 2, (which really is book 6 if you put the two series, The Elemental Series and The Harbinger Series together) because I started book 2 before my book mark got cold!

I couldn't wait to get into this book every night after dinner and struggled to put it down well into the wee morning hours. While it did take a bit of time to understand what she is or what she is meant to do, this book does have all 5 F's that I love! Fantasy/romance, fun, feisty, flirty, and fraught with danger!