Between Sun And Moon Review

Between Sun And Moon by Jaclyn Kot

Series: Between Life And Death (Book 2)

Released on Feb 22, 2024

Pages: 571


That was the best ending to a book that I have ever read and I am so very pissed right now!

The next book is not out yet and I am screaming through an inner child like tantrum right now.

This book starts with some trigger warnings that in all honesty should be considered as it is a darker romance fantasy for certain. Thankfully, I have read enough dark “romantasies” to be as comfortable reading this book as a Steven King fan is while reading a horror book at night while the power is out and the rain is beating against a window!

I was totally lost in these 571 pages. The characters were solid and the battles they had, both internally and on the ground were epic. Some have said in other reviews that the behaviours of the Gods were cringe worthy but for me, those readers may have forgotten that the characters are well depicted as centuries old elitists with the cockiness of a fighter jet pilot and therefore say things with an air of righteousness, that on the surface is incomprehensible!

In Book 2, Sage starts to unlock her memories and discovers that all isn't as it seems. She has to remember enough to make sense of the broken pieces and put them together in time to be on the right side of the war that is coming for her.

This book was incredible and I feel like I say that a lot these days. It's not because I've never read a bad book to talk about. It's because I don't finish those ones!

So when it comes down to the final verdict from me, it is easily in my top favorites. The story, the characters, the almost unforgivable cliff hangers that leave you on the floor kicking your hands and feet in frustration. The world that is presented and the way it all unfolds made my little book heart so very happy!

So for those who have this book in their tbr or dnf piles, get them out, brush them off and immerse yourself. You won't regret it!