Belladonna Review

Belladonna by Adalyn Grace

Series: Belladona (Book 1)

Released on August 22, 2022

Pages: 403


Where do I start? I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end. That being said, I don't feel I can compare it to other books I've read. It was my first read of a gothic romance and is so very different from fantasy romances. Especially since there isn't the element of a crazy king or ruling deity that wants to take over the world. This is a single murder mystery which was, for me, a fun twist.

Beyond the type of story, Belladonna was written with such exquisite language that immersed you in an era of socialites, tea dates and chaperoned walks. Adalyn made the English language read like a poetic song.

Including a prologue and an epilogue, this book was 403 pages of slow burn dark romance for the m/c Signa Farrow. As a fan of Jennifer Armentrout, who states that Belladonna “Immerses the reader in a world of secrets, curses, mystery, romance and Death” I fully agree with her opinion of this book. I loved reading this book and loved trying to guess the “who done it” aspect right up to the end.

The characters felt alive and I was picturing a “Corpse Bride” meets “Bridgertons” theme throughout the time I was reading. I feel this series could easily be made into a made-for-TV series or movie. I started to read book 2 right away last night when I finished the last page, grateful that I had pre-purchased it.

If you have been reading all fantasy romance or traditional romance and want to switch it up a bit, I 100% recommend reading Belladonna.