Between Life And Death Review

Between Life And Death by Jaclyn Kot

Series: Between Life And Death (Book 1)

Released on March 23, 2023

Pages: 451

On the back of this first book by Jaclyn Kot it says, “For ACOTAR fans who are looking to scratch that insatiable itch. This one is for you.” and truer words have not been said!

I started reading this book and truly enjoyed the characters, the plot and the way it all unfolded. What I liked the most was the use of words that played to my experiences that made it easy to picture a situation.

This is a slow burn for sure and sizzles all the way through! The M/C, Sage has to rescue her brother before he succumbs to the inevitable outcome of all those that are conscripted to the King's army. To do this she has to team up with a close knit group of Cursed rebels, the leader of which threatens to become her undoing.

There is well thought out dialogue, descriptive text that truly animates the scene enabling the reader to immerse themselves in this book. It was easily a read-late-into-the-night book with a cliffhanger that made me grateful that I had book 2 ready to go. That being said, I don't know when book 3 is coming out but I'm hoping it won't be long.

Jaclyn Kot is a new Canadian author that I am certain will be a fan favorite. I loved this book and am grateful for the recommendation to read it from Candlelore! Thanks guys!

Between Life and Death has all 5 F's I love; fun, fantasy, feisty, flirty (down right sexy), and fraught with danger!